Mr. Baij, what is that yellow gooey thing on the keyboard?

20 03 2012

I showed it to my friend and she thought it was a cleaning sponge for keyboards. What is that thing? Anyways, lets get back to his art work. Talk about some serious digital arts, Animated pictures!!! I wish I could do some of that stuff. Then he has some things as simple as “Words that use the same T9 #’s”. Stuff people never paid attention to before, Mr. Baij highlighted those things. I’m having a hard time figuring out what “Desire” is all about. “Memorial for Lost Cosmonauts” is another one of my favorites. I can feel the tension and people freaking out. There are so many emotions. Just him using the capital letters adds so much to the project.

Mr. Baij’s work is so different than everyone we have seen so far. I’m not very artistic, maybe that’s why I am having a hard time understanding some of the projects, but the ones I do see and understand are incredible. Things as simple as Memorial for Lost Cormonauts provoked so many emotions. I was almost freaking out reading it, like, oh my god what’s happening?! My least favorite of his project might be his summer diary. I really didn’t see a point in it.