Progress Over time.

3 05 2012

Finally getting all the pictures together that I took over time for this project.
I’ll try to walk you through the process. It took me closer to 16 hours. Not sure if its exactly 16 or over. Just today I put in about 12 hours and I have already put in a few hours planning it out and getting a basic background down.
This was the planning part. It took about 3 to 4 hours, because I kept changing my mind between a GIF and a poster

Still in the planning mode but I was leaning towards GIF. Looking up background images

I was getting together different pictures between hours 5 and 8. Different buildings, billboards etc

Photoshopping images and putting together a gas station and all that.

Now these pictures are all mixed up but I was still doing the same thing between hours 10 - 13. Photoshopping

She has been sitting next to me for a few hours now. We're both really exhausted by now. She talks to herself.

This thing really freaked me out cause I tried saving it to GIF and the resolution was too high so it took forever!!!

Got back home and finished the minor stuff, like the timing on the GIF.

Final Project

3 05 2012


2 05 2012

So I just found out that I had to upload my hours from Rachel.Yeah,I have no idea where I was in class when we were told this part of the project. When I have already put in about 9 hours, Which I have the pictures for, but I have another few hours to go. The project is due tomorrow and i’m freaking out rightnow cause I have had a final everyday so I couldn’t really put in a lot of hours. Now I plan on putting in the rest of the hours and then some cause I have a lot to do.

Nam June Paik

24 04 2012


Nam June Paik is a Korean artist who works on video art. He was trained as a classic pianist. After moving to Hong Kong and Japan, Paik moved to Germany. Paik participated in the Neo-Dada art movement which is art applied to audio and visual art. He was known for making robots out of televisions.  One of the pieces of art Paik is really known for is, Electronic Superhighway. He has also won the Lifetime Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award.

Although Paik is no longer alive, his website is still cooler than most of the artists that are still alive. My browser wasn’t supporting his links for some reason so I decided to look up his art on Youtube. I like like his piece called Venus. It’s a bunch of TVs being held together in a circle, all showing the same videos and switching at the same time. The videos switch very fast and the colors are really cool. Electronic Superhighway is also very cool. It’s a map of the united states with TVs put together and all switching videos at different pace. This is one of those arts you can stand infront of for hours and just observe. His work is really cool.

A Very Long Drive

19 04 2012

Final Project

17 04 2012

I took international marketing last year and I also worked on taking a product to overseas last semester. We have also been studying cases in my Senior Seminar where a company takes it product overseas. I will do a project on International Marketing and how some of the billboard advertising is used overseas in different countries. Also I will be showing how when a city is developed, the advertising takes over. I’ll either do a cut out of all the billboards and make it into a one big international marketing billboard or do a GIF and show how a city develops over time and how billboards and advertising is used. I’ll be using major brand names to show how they are pretty much everywhere and how they take over a beautiful place.

I’ll be using photoshop for it. Taking images of interesting billboards in different countries and putting them together to make something cool. Also I’ll be taking pictures of different buildings and putting them on one canvas if I end up doing a GIF.


Pappulotti Rist

17 04 2012

The visual arts have always inspired and changed the way we see the world, and have made lives richer and fuller through enhanced vision. The works of visual artists are primarily visual in nature; using things such as paintings, sculptures, crafts, architecture, and in the modern age, even media to depict art. One such experienced visual artist of the 21st century is Pipolotti Rist, who has used video, moving images and other installations to leave visual impressions in the minds of people all over the world.

Elisabeth Charlotte Rist hails from Grabs, Switzerland. She has had the nickname “Pipolotti” from her childhood which refers to the novel Pippi Longstocking. Her initial art education included studying commercial art, illustration and photography at the Insititute of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria; and she later went on to study audio visual communications(video) at the School of Design in Basel, Switzerland. Early in her art career, Rist started producing Super 8 films and most of her work throughout her life has concentrated on gender, sexuality and the human body. She is inclined towards audio/video installations because she believes she can incorporate other forms of art  in them  including painting, technology, language, music, movement, flowing pictures and poetry. Her personal opinion on art is: Arts task is to contribute to evolution, to encourage the mind, to guarantee a detached view of social changes, to conjure up positive energies, to create sensuousness, to reconcile reason and instinct, to research possibilities and to destroy clichés and prejudices.

Rist has had her works exhibited widely at museums and festivals throughout Europe, Japan and the US. She has produced countless installations in the past 2 decades, some very famous ones of them include ‘Im Not the Girl who Misses Much(1986)’‘Ever is all over(1997)’. and ‘Open My Glade’  which was played once every hour in the Times Square in New York City. Another famous work of her, ‘Pickelporno(1992)’, concentrates on female sexual arousal and according to Rist herself, deals with ‘Relativism of Size’. To give an idea of what Relativitism of size is, Rist gives the example of how when someone touches us on our hand, it feels like our hand is miles long, and how food becomes tiny for us when it grows cold. The video apparently uses a surveillance type camera to show a couple making love and Rist’s aim in making this video was to visually display the elegant body of a woman and also to show what the other person sees while kissing and touching. The video also deploys abstract images, fruits and other metaphoric images and motions. Overall, the work attempts to give visual form to the sensations experienced during sex; and is rightfully labelled as Pipolotti Rist’s most notorious and provocative works.


Shadow Project

10 04 2012

For our group project, I arranged the projector. I had to talk to Lucy Quan from the business department and Professor Hubbard to see if they would let me take the projector out of Room 303. Lucy wasn’t happy at first because she wanted me to get it from the Art department, but then I was able to convince her. Professor Hubbard was fine with it. Timmy moved the projector to the library and then we rolled it back to Chandler after the show was over. So Timmy and I pretty much had the most important part in this project.haha

Paul Pfeiffer

10 04 2012

He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and spent most of his early years in Philippines. He came back and attended Hunter College in New York. He works with videos and edits them to show how the images shape us not the other way around. He does shows in LA, NY, Chicago, London, and Spain. He is kind of a big deal. He has also won many awards for his art work. The kind of stuff he does, it seems like it would take forever but he claims its like meditation for him.He doesn’t have his own website so that is a huge inconvenience.

One of the really cool projects he did was when he edited all the players in a basketball game except one. It seems like he likes basketball because there is another project that he did where he removed all the players and focused on the crowd and everybody else but the players.

resized and adjusted-quiz

5 04 2012