Johnathan Gitelson – Details

21 02 2012

I know Timmy must be happy that Jonathan Gitelson has a story for each project. Mr. Gitelson also writes a brief summary of how he created the project. I like this approach because I can now look at the project and know some of the things that the artist was thinking in his head before creating this piece of art. Most of his projects, if not all, are based on his life and what he observed for example, The Sweet Spot is about his morning commute in Chicago. He evaluated 50 commutes to collect the data!!! The Quitter, Shaking hands with Chuck-O-Luck, and A boy and a girl are very different from his other projects. He doesn’t write a summary describing it, but looking at the project, most people won’t need a brief write up describing what is going on. I think the idea is really cool.

I really like the Sweet Spot. It seems like it’s the longest project too. The Montrose Brown Line Platform is what caught my attention and had me click through all the pages of the project. I love the colors used in this piece. Very earth tone colors with a burgundy pop which still doesn’t look flashy. I love the details he has put into this project for example “ (5/66) covered up by day 21”). He even has the time down in 6/66. Photographs tell a story as well. Just looking at all this has got me convinced that he pays wayyy too much attention to details, which works out great!!!