Final Project

17 04 2012

I took international marketing last year and I also worked on taking a product to overseas last semester. We have also been studying cases in my Senior Seminar where a company takes it product overseas. I will do a project on International Marketing and how some of the billboard advertising is used overseas in different countries. Also I will be showing how when a city is developed, the advertising takes over. I’ll either do a cut out of all the billboards and make it into a one big international marketing billboard or do a GIF and show how a city develops over time and how billboards and advertising is used. I’ll be using major brand names to show how they are pretty much everywhere and how they take over a beautiful place.

I’ll be using photoshop for it. Taking images of interesting billboards in different countries and putting them together to make something cool. Also I’ll be taking pictures of different buildings and putting them on one canvas if I end up doing a GIF.