Nam June Paik

24 04 2012


Nam June Paik is a Korean artist who works on video art. He was trained as a classic pianist. After moving to Hong Kong and Japan, Paik moved to Germany. Paik participated in the Neo-Dada art movement which is art applied to audio and visual art. He was known for making robots out of televisions.  One of the pieces of art Paik is really known for is, Electronic Superhighway. He has also won the Lifetime Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award.

Although Paik is no longer alive, his website is still cooler than most of the artists that are still alive. My browser wasn’t supporting his links for some reason so I decided to look up his art on Youtube. I like like his piece called Venus. It’s a bunch of TVs being held together in a circle, all showing the same videos and switching at the same time. The videos switch very fast and the colors are really cool. Electronic Superhighway is also very cool. It’s a map of the united states with TVs put together and all switching videos at different pace. This is one of those arts you can stand infront of for hours and just observe. His work is really cool.