Progress Over time.

3 05 2012

Finally getting all the pictures together that I took over time for this project.
I’ll try to walk you through the process. It took me closer to 16 hours. Not sure if its exactly 16 or over. Just today I put in about 12 hours and I have already put in a few hours planning it out and getting a basic background down.
This was the planning part. It took about 3 to 4 hours, because I kept changing my mind between a GIF and a poster

Still in the planning mode but I was leaning towards GIF. Looking up background images

I was getting together different pictures between hours 5 and 8. Different buildings, billboards etc

Photoshopping images and putting together a gas station and all that.

Now these pictures are all mixed up but I was still doing the same thing between hours 10 - 13. Photoshopping

She has been sitting next to me for a few hours now. We're both really exhausted by now. She talks to herself.

This thing really freaked me out cause I tried saving it to GIF and the resolution was too high so it took forever!!!

Got back home and finished the minor stuff, like the timing on the GIF.